Valentines Day... Eb's views on the matter

The last time I had a real Valentine... the way in which the world looks at it... For example a boyfriend, husband, etc. was in 2008. Am I bitter about it? Hell no.

To me Valentines Day has never been important to me. Probably the fact that my mother got married on Valentines Day when I was 13 to a man I couldn't stand and I missed out on all the festivities at school to go to the stupid wedding is the reason why it never really meant too much.

I always tell my homeboys that are going to propose not to propose on holidays. Especially not Valentines Day. To me that is extremely impersonal and not the least bit creative. Propose on a random day... a day that will be special to you and her for the rest of your lives.

It's always to me, been about spending time with someone or people I love. I've spent Valentines Day with some of my best homeboys. Neither one of us had a "real" Valentine so we linked up just to have a good time.

Other Valentines Days have just been me and my girls hanging out. Drinking, eating sweets, and watching romantic comedies. Not thinking the least bit about men or our problems with them, just enjoying each other's company.

Truth be told I've never been big on flowers.... and if I do get them I'd prefer it on a random day that I wasn't expecting them then a holiday. I'm not big on chocolate or those stupid heart candies with the sayings on them. Disgusting. I'm too old to be happy I got a Teddy Bear.

Lingerie. I've hurt so many feelings of dudes that felt buying me lingerie was going to give them the chance to see me in it. Save your $$$. My mom works at VS if there is any piece of lingerie I want, I already have it.

Personal cards though. Cards are always a good look. I'd prefer one that is empty inside and you write from the heart rather than use the words of someone else. At the end of the day though... it's just time. Spending time with someone you really care about. Sometimes, even though wrong, it takes a day like Valentines day to really appreciate the people you have around you. Whether that is something you are intimate with, or a home girl whose schedule is so hectic that you often can't find the time to hang out usually.

I really look at it as a day to reflect on love, and to celebrate love. Not a time to exchange gifts that will die or go stale within a week.

Because at the end of the day. That's all that really matters. Take the time out this year to remove everything selfish about yourself, and allow that day to be one that you make someone else happy. Most times... the most memorable of happy moments, aren't tangible or cost any money.

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