What is being Black?

Another one I had posted on another site a couple years ago. This one I blessed my people at HBCU Connect with...

What is Being Black?

Is it having kinky hair and full lips?
Is it having a curvacious body and a big d*ck?
Is it understanding the struggle, and the neverending fight for equality?
Is it understanding and embracing the culture of hip hop, maybe I like country.
Is Eminem black because his lyrical content is accepted in our community?
Is he allowed to say "50 Cent and Dr. Dre are my niggaz?"
And because we as a race cant define what black is, is that why it is so easy for the lighter nation to emulate us.
I find it ironic: They tan to make their skin dark
Collagen to make their lips full
Implants for their lack of ass-ets,
and they love our black men (or at least the ball-players and entertainers)
So what drives them to want to "appear black?"
Have they finally realized "the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice?"
I doubt it.
If they did, would they not live their lives constantly trying to make up for what their ancestors did.
Wouldn't we have our 40 acres & a mule.
They pray the small achievements will keep us quiet.
They feel the achievements of Halle and Denzel
will deter us from demanding a black president
So what is black?
An extraordinary essence that is so complex that it can never be defined.
So stop trying to define it. We can never be put in a box.
We are golfers, skiiers, congressman, models, pilots, actors, artists, engineers, musicians...
There is nothing we cannot do.
Besides, we're the ones who built this country.
So what is black.... Everything!!!

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