Dug deep in the crate and came out with Debra Killings

Don't know whether or not you've heard of her. She sang back-up for a couple artists on Laface Records and in 2003 she came out with a solo gospel album called "Surrender". I recently reorganized my massive CD collection and came across this CD and have been listening to it on the regular lately. This album couldnt have came at a better time back then when I was just graduating from college... this is the type of album I needed to put God back in my life after those 3 1/2 devilish years at a black college...lol! The album sounds like R&B but when you listen to the lyrics its straight Praise & Worship. Its been 4 years and I was wondering what happened to her. Her follow-up CD "open heaven" is suppose to come out sometime this year but her website is outdated. Do any of my fellow RBW's have any info on her? And for those that have never heard of her, pick up "Surrender" ASAP.
Here's a video of her performing...

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Anonymous August 15, 2007 at 7:47 AM

I love Debra Killings!!! I used to have her cd, but am unsure what I did with it. The last I heard she had done the voice of the female vocalist (forget her name) in the movie idlewild ...She may have written those songs as well???

But she is definitely underrated! I would love to see and hear more from her.

Thanks for this!


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