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So its been 2 and a half years since I said goodbye to RBW. Doesn't even seem like it's been that long. Sorry for the delay in starting back up. I don't know why I made that post last month knowing I'd be too hungover the majority of my birthday month to write about anything. Especially a monumental post like my first post back. Soooo much has happened in my life since December 2009. Where do I even begin? I guess with the men right.

I was still giving Semipro my attention when I last left you all I believe. I look back on that situation and I just laugh. In the grand scheme of things he was never anything I REALLY wanted. But for some reason I actually liked his ass. I really gotta get my life together. Since then it has been a lot of the same old same old. You guys know I like to name the boos. So here we go, The jump off,  The Sangah, Friend w/ No Benefit, and last but definitely not least since part of me is still drawn to him... Mr. Construction Worker.

The jump off doesn't need to be discussed. If you clicked on that post above you know what the deal was. Sex was great but he was and still is a complete mess in every other aspect of his life. Plus he has a community penis. I can count more people that he hasn't boned then he has.

The Sangah. For the majority of 2010 he was my boo thang. The person I got rid of all my rules for. He was long distance, he smoked, and had a plethora of other issues I won't get into. I just finally got to the point where I felt like I was settling just for the affection. He was the cause behind this post. *cues* R. Kelly "When A Woman's Fed Up." It's so true. So true to the point that I almost did this post completely forgetting about him and that year.

2011 brought nothing serious. I was just chilling. Enjoying having a roster and over taking any dudes seriously. Then a friend decides to make it known that he has a crush on me and wants to try talking. A friend that is the furthest thing from my type. So I gave him more attention then I would usually give one of the homeboys but still wasn't sold on it going anywhere besides surface affection.

He knew I wasn't feeling him the way he was feeling me so of course he was dating other broads. Lied to me about it though. The person I used to be able to talk about anything to, was now hiding shit from me. Then woop Valentines Day comes around and he makes plans to see me and then splash in my face he has a girlfriend that he had only met 2 months before and is with her and couldn't see that she was a bird just in his shit for what he could do for her. Being the loyal to we die person that I am I was hurt. Not hurt because I cared about him because I didn't in that way, but pissed because I rarely trust anyone and he seemed genuine. The place we are not is trying to rebuild our friendship since he finally realized she was a bird and they no longer speak. But I'm not making it easy for him and he is trying hard enough either. Time will tell if that's for the best. If a dude with put some pussy over a real friendship once, it's likely he'll do the same when a new pussy shows up. In case he does come up again on RBW his nickname shall be 'Friend w/ no benefit' since I've seen his penis and there are no benefits involved in that situation.

Most recently I was dating Mr. Construction Worker. A little shorter then my ideal height but he was fiiiooone. Everything was perfect for the first month. Then I found out he was married, separated, and living with his grandmother. This post is already getting too long so I'll save the full story for another day but I swear I should want to turn lesbian from some of the dating situations I've encountered. But nope, I love the penis too much.

Did I mention I haven't had sex yet in 2012. At first it was on purpose... but now... well I'll just save that full story for another post as well!

Outside of the men I live by myself now! Yay me! Moved into a 1 bedroom in February and finally feel like a real grown up. So let the adventures begin! I'm kind of afraid though. When I started this site no one knew who I was. A lot have changed in regards to my "famous online" persona. I went back and read a lot of my posts in the last week preparing to write this one and I'm not sure I can be as uninhibited as I was back then. Cheers to hoping so. Because of that I was extremely apprehensive about starting RBW back up. From friends, both male and female... male for the most part... encouraged me to do this. My conversations with them would have been great posts over the past 2 years so I'm convinced it will only take one dude to really piss me off to get back in public diary mode LOL.

So get ready to get back on the RBW sattle folks. Eb is back!!! And still dreaming and shall write about that dream until it becomes reality right here. Thinking about bringing my list back out. At least when it turns out that a man that was a reflection of your list doesn't work out it was worthwhile but you just feel played if the dude wasn't even your type anyway and turns out terrible. You really feel like you shouldn't have even wasted your time. And so it begins...

(I imported some relationship posts that were on my other blog from the past couple of years. feel free to browse them to get a more in depth account of what I'm been going through)

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