He Can Get It: D'Angelo

We had to take his "he can get it" card back for THIS mess but he is back on track and sexier then he's ever been. Black men age so well don't you agree. Now we've seen video of his comeback on stage but all of the videos were a bit shaky. Thanks to GQ we get up close and personal.

Throws panties at computer screen...I once again want to know how it feels D'Angelo!!! Yasssssssss!!! Check out more pics from the shoot below


Oh and if you didnt' know D'Angelo is performing at Essence Fest & Jay-Z's music fest in Philly in September. Get your tickets.

I just really wish he would get rid of those struggling braids. Here's a closer look at the pic with his hair out and although it's a straight Maxwell hair jack move I prefer this over the braids

D'Angelo most definitely can get it again!!!

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