He Can Get It: Lamon Archey

The internet world was on a frenzy when Keyshia Cole dropped her "Take Me Away" video. Not because the video was good but because we all wanted to know who that fiiiioonne man is that is in it. Well his name is Lamon Archey. If you missed the video here it go.

So yeah you can see my obsession. If it wasn't for him this video would have been an epic fail with all the terrible choreography.

Whew lawd imagine waking up to this angelic face every morning. Yaaaaaaaaas!

and them heart shaped lips though?

And the flavor saver... *swoons*

Why can't I find any pics, facebook, twitter, nothing about this man so I can map out a stalking plan LOLOL. I don't even know his nationality. It really doesn't matter though. He can still get it any kinda way he wants to get it from Eb. I guess I'll just have to watch this boxing video over and over again.

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