He Can Get It: Q. Parker

He can't really get it from me because Daron was always my favorite 112 member but he is a nice chocolate something that can sing the panties of most off so I had to share him with my readers.
Definitely my second favorite voice after Daron from the group but I did NOT know he had all this up under his clothes.

Q recently released a fitness calendar for 2011. Here's a sneak peak inside.

Yyyeeeessss!!!! The type of body you just want to lick to see if it takes like milk chocolate or dark chocolate.
Click on the calendar cover below to purchase for only $10

I'll leave you with my one of my fav 112 songs "U Aready Know" where Q's voice is everything.

Yeah that made me remember that I was sleeping on his sexy. Did you see the close up on them lips? Whew lawd! Daron still my favorite though. Glad he came on last so I could focus again LOL!

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