Question of the Day: What Makes You Fearless???

Fearless Mag has stepped on the scene and go all out in their launch. The debut issue titled "The FEARLESS Class of 2010" features Lauren London, Tia Mowry, Naturi Naughton, Monique Coleman, Jennifer Freeman, Kyla Pratt, Tiffany Hines, and Chyna Layne.

"The FEARLESS Class of 2010 are young women who continue to pursue their  dreams regardless of obstacles," says Arian Simone, the magazines Editorial Director. "These women are not  just actresses; they are wives, mothers, producers, writers, etc. You  name it, and they conquer it!"

It was started to diversify Hollywood images and lawd knows we need more of that.

A couple things though.
  1. I have no idea who some of these chicks are
  2. Where the heck was Keke Palmer?
  3. I love me some Kyla Pratt
  4. Lauren London is effortlessly gorgeous
  5. Where the heck has the chick from My Wife & Kids been and what is she doing now that warranted her being in this spread? It's so funny that just as I was putting this post together TMZ announced that she recently Elin Woods'd her NBA husband. I didn't even know she was married but go HERE is you're interested.
  6. I wonder how they decided to put Tia on here without Tamera
Either way watch this video of behind the scenes footage where they explain what being FEARLESS means to them.

To me being FEARLESS is being a go-getter. No matter what obstacles and haters that you stay true to yourself and make your dreams come true by any means necessary as long as it doesn't have you ending up in jail. LOL.

Now it's your turn. What Makes YOU Fearless? Hit me in the comments!!!

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