Find A Guy...

I found the following little ditty and figured I'd make up my own version.

The Eb the Celeb remix

Find a guy who calls just to hear my voice, who makes you laugh hysterically even when you are feeling extremely low, who greets you with flowers on a day that has no meaning and for no reason at all, one who has your back no matter what but knows how to tame your crazy, one who doesn't like to cuddle but allows you to bury your head in his chest whenever you want...wait for the boy who believes you can accomplish your big dreams more than you do at times, one who loves hard, kisses slowly, and forgives quickly. Who always does what he says he is going to do and takes pride in being a man of his word. One who embraces your flaws and love and appreciates them all because they are apart of YOU... The one that truly believes that you complete him and he is the luckiest man in the world to have you by his side.

 Am I going crazy or is this a new form of a list??? LOL! Nothing wrong with writing down what you want so hit me in the comments with your little ditty on Finding a Guy. Just don't stick to it religiously. Hell this day in age I'll take one half of what I stated above and be satisfied.

Song of the Moment:
Keri Hilson - I'm a Dreamer because sadly part of me still feels I can find everything I listed above in someone. Now 5 years from now if I still haven't nabbed him, maybe I won't be too keen on this song, but for right now Eb keeps hope alive. The song should really be called "In Your Face" because it really has nothing to do with dreaming and everything to do with a chick trying to prove to a man that real love is staring him right in the face with her. *le sigh* I have no energy to run around proving Eb is a catch and if that's what it's going to take this dream has died before the post even ended. Eb out!

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