Eb's Next Chapter...

2013 has been an eye opening year. There are people who I came into it with that I definitely won't be going into 2014 with and it's all for the better.

The majority of the people I was hanging around I never looked at and could see as an executive one day or that they even had the drive to be and that became a problem for me. I don't want to be hanging around people that 5 years from now are going to be doing the same tired shit they are doing now.

I remember when I was at ESPN I worked with someone that had been a PA for 6 years. A hard worker, the first one there and the last to leave most times but never demanded respect. Allowed themselves to be invincible. I mean a PA is a "fresh out of college" with no experience position and you didn't even approach your boss about a bump to Coordinator? He was just so happy to be working at the World Wide Leader in Sports that he didn't even strive to move up the chain and it was evident so he was abused. I was hanging around people that have the same mindset as that dude. Although I've never had that mindset in my life I was becoming complacent with giving up on certain things I know I really wanted just because I had started to program myself into thinking this is just how it's always been so this is how it's going to continue to be. Knowing I wanted to do something but also knowing certain people were going to hate so just deciding to do something else as to not deal. Tiptoeing around people instead of knocking down doors and that has never been me in my life.

Going into this year I had been struggling with where I wanted my next journey to take me career wise.  Was even contemplating a move out of New York City (which still may very well be an option at some point.) To me it was an extremely big deal. The girl who grew up in Rochester, NY that always and forever wanted to live in NYC and 9 years ago when she moved here just knew she would be here for the rest of her life was declaring that forever in NYC may not be the look?

Since I left ESPN in 2008 I purposely only took contracting and consulting gigs because I was imminent on building my Eb the Celeb brand. I wanted to go back to the Eb of 2001-2004 when I did radio. I still feel like that's my real calling in life but I know myself enough to know their are certain things I'm not going to sacrifice and certain asses I'm not built to kiss in order to make that happen right now or then. But you get to a certain point where you are tired of making your own way and wanting to be on a bigger platform and I seriously just got tired of the blogging and being on the scene. The only scene I wanted to see was a microphone that was actually going to pay the bills.

I was the side hustle queen so the fact that I've worked at companies in the past that didn't pay me what I was worth didn't really faze me too much. The bills were paid and I was content with what I was doing so being overworked and underpaid, especially while in your 20s just seemed like the way of the land. Put in the work now to have a better life in your 30s. Well two years into my 30s and I realized they will milk you dry no matter what age and how much experience you have under your belt as long as you allow it and I had to get out. So at the top of 2013 I did something I thought I would never do. I took a job solely for the money and said F this industry I grew to know and love. It was THE most miserable 5 months of my life. The biggest paycheck I have had in my entire life and I wasn't even close to happy. There was no creativity, I was producing content that they could have hired a robot to do. The infrastructure was a complete mess. My brain literally clocked out as soon as I sat in my seat every day and that wasn't a good feeling. It obviously showed because I was let go. The first time in my life I had ever been fired from a job (even if it wasn't even anything I did but that some hating ass co-worker lied on me) still it would have happened anyway probably because I was so over those people.

At that moment is when I realized what was really important to me. The big pay check definitely wasn't it. I'm too well-rounded of a person for a check to be the only thing that makes me tick. I needed more, I wanted more and I deserved more and for the first time in my life, the industry that I was in, had studied and learned to maneuver, that good ol' music industry, showed that it probably wasn't going to give me that. In August I put into the universe that I wanted an IN back in sports. I always say Music is my love but Sports is my mistress and it was time to start cheating on my love again. Reached out to old co-workers with the bat signal since I knew they were starting to move some production back to NYC (which is the only reason I left ESPN because they moved my position out of NYC.)

It's crazy how you put something into the universe and it presents itself it ways 3x better then you could have ever imagined. So I'm currently back working in sports. In a position where I won't have to abandon the music part of my spirit and talent. A position where all my experience in every aspect of the entertainment, sports, and music industry will all be able to come together and make love. A position that was unknowingly designed for ME. A lot of recruiters always talk about how my experience is all over the place and has some inconsistencies since I've worked in radio, reality tv, sports production, news, digital, social media, and marketing. Usually people work in one medium and ride that 1 medium until the wheels fall off. This position you can only prosper if you have the background that I have. A situation I never thought could happen from a business and content perspective so I am eternally grateful. Usually you only get the opportunity to combine all those worlds if you are talent but LOOK AT GOD. Only 2 months after I put it into the universe and voila here I am. #BLESSED.

Have I given up on Eb the Celeb to be behind the camera? No she's still alive and kicking and has some things up her sleeve but it's refreshing to be in a position where I know I am valued and appreciated all while being paid what I'm worth and having the ability to create some really dope shit. I can't say exactly what I'll be doing just yet but come December 11th everything will be real clear. I'm excited for this new challenge and this new chapter. Extremely excited to be living that main bitch and mistress life. WATCH ME WORK!!!


The Jaded NYer November 18, 2013 at 9:39 PM

Awww, sweets! I'm truly happy for you :)

Riley November 24, 2013 at 1:03 PM

Glad to hear that things are going your way. I do believe that if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life. I'm happy for you!

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