The Pink Penis Intrigue... Thank You Robin Thicke

Yes I am 30+ years old and still have not let a pink penis invade my loins nor have I ever even seen one in person. I know, I know but for many of years I was even wary of seeing bright skinned penis so to go from chocolate to full blown pink was going to be a stretch. As of late though I have been intrigued to see one in person. Pornos and quick full frontals of pink penises in movies have made pink penises undesirable in thine eyes but Robin Thicke continues to brag about his package; first in the video for his Summer anthem "Blurred Lines" in huge balloons with topless women bouncing around

watch HERE and now in his new leaked track "Give It To You" featuring Kendrick Lamar. ...and it's making me wonder. I need a pink penis pic of Robin Thicke to leak like ASAP. You can't be broadcasting and crooning with that falsetto about how big your pink penis is and not show and prove. So c'mon and give it to us Robin.

On top of that you have an album coming out July 30th Sir Thicke, and if you want your new album to get even half of the album sales that Justin Timberlake got with The 20/20 Experience (since so many people can't let y'all live in your own space and have to continue to compare you all and/or debate who is stealing whose sound) there's no time like the present to show us what you got. So marketing team for Sir. Thicke, you can thank me now for this extra little incentive to boost sales.

Also I'm confused. Is it because white men aren't known for having big dicks that Robin feels the need to put it in songs and in balloons in his videos? Because every chocolate man that I know that has a big dick definitely doesn't wear t-shirts broadcasting it. It's usually the ones with the mediocre penis that boast about having a big one. *raises eyebrow*

So question of the day since it's rare for caucasion celebrities penis pics to leak like so many in our community have LOL: What pink penises would you like to see photos leak of? 


BareFoot Countessa July 2, 2013 at 5:49 PM

Oh I love this post mmmmm a Pink Penis???...okay let me at it :)

YBW July 2, 2013 at 11:07 PM

Oh, I have had Pank penis meat... all of mine were ok, but the owners knew what to do with em lol.

The Jaded NYer July 3, 2013 at 3:00 PM

I have NO DESIRE to see any pink penis ever ever ever. Gross!

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