He Can Get It : Hip Hoppers that got handsome with age

In light of the line "Spotlight on me, I still look twenty" from "Stay" off Nasir Jones' new album 'Life Is Good' that dropped today and is a classic in my opinion (so make sure you cop that), I decided that I have to give some awards out to some black men that got better with age. Not all rappers were blessed enough to be cute coming into the game and stayed that way, so here are five hip hop men that have gotten better with age...(DISCLAIMER-this isn't the usual 'He Can Get It' since I don't want to give it to any of these men but I had to give props on progress. LOL)

First up is Ice Cube... who came on the scene looking like this:

Now he looks like this.

Next Up is 50 Cent.

He got the teeth fixed, the body tight, and a whole lot more money to make the swag on point and here was have 2012 Curtis Jackson.

Now the jigga man still looks exactly the way he looks now then he did in the 90s but there is just something about his look now that made me have to put him on this list.

You can't deny that this man has aged well even if it is the same joe camel look.

Ludacris... even though he stepped on the scene as a cutie with all the girls wanting him to lick lick lick lick them from their heads to their toes

he is definitely more polished now that he's cut the braids and been in Hollywood.

Last but not least, Andre 3000. I swear I almost didn't even recognize him.

If it weren't for Big Boi I definitely wouldn't have thought that was Andre. Now let's not forget he's had some snafoos and fashion don't along the way like this.

As of lately he's been extremely GQ, especially with this Gilette deal and we hope he stays this way.

I love black men and that they age so well. Hit me in the comments with some black men that were a mess when they were young but are lookers now that they've aged.

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Tyhitia Green July 19, 2012 at 7:07 PM

Wow, those pics are funny. I can't think of any men at this moment, so I have to get back with you.

Ice Cube with the Jerry Curl. It needs to be outlawed because I still see those. Lol.

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