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It's crazy how I only return to this blog like once a year. Definitely going to get in the habit of posting here more because some stuff I just have to get out. I went back and read some of my posts and lmaooooooooooo. Whew lawd was I a riot back in my twenties and nothing has changed. My dating life is still a hot ghetto mess but instead of being utterly in love with NYC and all it has to offer I've become jaded and more times than not thinking of an escape plan. So returning to the public diary that was RBW may be just the thing I need to make sense of all the fuckery going on in my life.

I've been getting a lot of it out via my podcast The Girth since it premiered in July but that's not supposed to be all about me. Here I can make everything all about me.

I've never really been the person that cared what people thought of me and always march to the beat of my own drum and had been wanting to do a podcast for a while.

Even had a deal with a major broadcasting company on the table but didn't want to do the same pop culture crap that every one else is doing. I mean really, don't we get enough of everyone's opinions on pop culture topics daily via Twitter and Facebook? If I was going to do a podcast I wanted to do something different.

Talking about sex though you ask? Definitely nothing different about that. Unless its yours truly talking about sex. I'm not the sexpert, I'm not the sex therapist, I'm not the old lady with the hip replacement trying to demonstrate how to ride her senior citizen viagra addicted husband. I'm just a goofy girl that is currently in a stage in my life where I want sex all the time and thought it better to talk about that as therapy rather than be spreading my legs all over NYC looking for a hit. 

I did some research and found some really dope sex podcasts. Not going to mention who they are because I reached out to them about being guests and got crickets so eff them. But all the podcasts I found, none were from an urban female perspective. I mean pink vaginas don't think the way brown ones do we all know this. From the old days where white women felt it OK to give a blow job but black women would never. Or at least not admit it because well that's just "nasty." Although I thoroughly enjoyed those shows and can completely relate, I had to wonder why were there no voices of color talking about sex in a sex positive way. We are so prone to slut shame African American bodies and African American women being open about their sexuality even in the days of Kim Kardashian being praised for having several ass jobs and the "hoes be winning" culture thriving. So that in itself would naturally pull in pop culture topics that are relevant right? There is so much material out here. I mean look at Victor Cruz? I don't even know what his side chick count is up to at this point. It's looking like he has more side chicks then Tiger Woods plus Bill Cosby's alleged rape victims combined. Sheeeeesh! I guess he never heard of the hit and quit it motto he keeps the girls in a consistent rotation. But do you see how even that came out? LOL! So I was pinned too edgy for that particular network. Especially after they saw my artwork LMAO!

Which I would describe as hilarious more so than edgy but hey I've never been corporate friendly.
They wanted me to water down the concept, sticking strictly to pop culture topics. If you know me even if I did that its not going to be anything cutesy either (I mean you just got a little taste of it above), so I decided not to move forward with them and just do things on my own. We all talk about sex, we all laugh about sex, so I have no idea why they were so uptight but we all know outspoken brown vaginas scare the corporate types. Of course it would have been easier having their back and promotion but anyone who knows me knows I don't like anything easy. I like it rock hard just like The Girth and I hope those that have listened thus far agree that there is nothing soft about this show. (Until the cocktails start kicking in and I get semi-emotional. We all have our Drake moments, only God can judge me LOL.)

Initially I was bummed about not having a major network connected to my podcast but if you've seen the movie "Private Parts" then you know how Howard Stern was ridiculed at the beginning of his career so I brushed it off and got to work. I just wanted to create a fun space where high profile individuals can talk about sex the way they would behind clothes doors. A sex positive place where we champion being a lady and having one night stands. To be completely transparent with my own sex life as well because I feel like I represent that average female. Everyone doesn't have a fat ass like instagram wants you to believe, every millennial isn't into this hook up culture that twitter wants you to believe. There are athletes that are faithful to their wives no matter how many sex scandals come out. 

I'm coming up on my 10th episode so I just wanted to send a special thank you to the guests that have been on and believed in my podcast early. Also a special shout out to every that has listened and reviewed. If you haven't listened yet definitely hit the link to catch up.

Be sure to hit that subscribe button and put down a 5 star review as well :). For Android users, you can listen via soundcloud at soundcloud.com/thegirthpodcast.

I look forward to making love to ears and rough sexing them as well, while hopefully making your stomach hurt and eyes water with laughter. Let's enjoy this journey that is The Girth all up in your guts.

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