My Friends Are Authors And You Should Buy Their Books

I love when I have people around me that are brave enough and diligent enough to do something that I want to do but haven't dedicated myself enough to make it a priority. It's crazy how I've been obsessed with writing since I was in the second grade. Still to this day remember being in the 4th grade in Mrs. Dzinbal's class when she bought us all journals on the first day of school and made us write in them every day that school year. No matter what we wanted to write. 1 sentence, a full story, poem, whatever we wanted but we had to start each day writing in our journal. I think I was the only kid in class that was excited about this every day. It was then that I just knew I would be a writer in some way, shape or form. I wrote poetry so much in High School and my obsession with the movie Love Jones resulted in that becoming my nickname amongst my friends. I used to carry around my poetry book just like Janet in Poetic Justice and read pieces to my friends. Then my obsession switched to screenplays and I was blessed enough to have written and directed the Christmas play at my church my Junior year in High School. After that, it was a done deal for me I was going to be the female Spike Lee. I would get copies of screenplays from all the movies that came out and was crushed when I didn't get into NYU's Film Program for undergrad. Seeing all my friends release books lately has reminded me of those humble beginnings and it's crazy how far I have swayed from them. It's still on my bucket list to release a book of poetry and maybe even one day I'll actually sit still long enough to get a screeplay out of me as well, but for now I'll just highlight my friends accomplishments. Here are 3 books that you need to buy. 2 by friends and 1 by my cousin. Enjoy the literary greatness that is around me.

My Ego Likes the Compliments…And Other Musings on Writing by my crazy Dominican Sisterfriend Raquel Penzo

Misconceptions by my even crazier Jamaican/Trinidadian mix Sisterfriend

Last but not least From The Heart And Soul by my cousin Debra Aaron


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