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The season of giving has officially begun. It kinda freaked me out a bit when I saw a Christmas commercial during the games on Sunday but it was officially November so I don't know why I was surprised. Either way I'm taking the time out to help the NYC Chapter of ACT-SO raise money for programs that benefit high school students. I know the programs I was in back then that really helped shape my decisions in what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. At one point I thought I was going to be an engineer and this was solely based on the fact that I was good in math. Through several programs in high school I realized that it was my destiny to be in a career more creative and I've been blessed to do so many things. No point in these kids going to college and majoring in something they don't love, or no reason in some of these kids thinking that because of their current situation, they won't ever make it to college. Here is the main event fundraiser.

We do understand that times are hard you may not be able to make that contribution so we are having a Wine Happy Hour on Tuesday. Only $5 desired donation to take part in some of the best wines. Click on the pic to RSVP.

Besides those events, my music blog www.jonesin-eb-style.com is a sponsor for a great event recognizing phenomenal women in radio both as personalities or deejays called Leading Ladies.

And of course every month Mixtape Comedy goes down!
Click on the pic to buy tix!

Last and probably the least...there is this blogging chick that gets on my last damn nerves like on the daily she is either harassing me on twitter, asking me for directions on how to get somewhere in NY, blowing up my BBM, or sending me a dozen emails about some blog meet-up she is organizing. Well its her birthday month and she just begged me to come to her party and to bring my lovely readers with me. Click on the flyer to RSVP:

All of the above about Kitty Bradshaw was just jokes for those that don't know how much me and her go back and forth and play around. I love that crazy chick to death.

Hope you all can come out to these wonderful events!

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